Take A Peek Behind the Curtain of MBT!


Join members of MBT's staff as they take you on some Peek Behind the Curtain tours of MBT! Be spooked by ghosts of the past, get the inside scoop on technology, learn some timeless history, and discover some unknown places in your local hub for the arts! 

Learn About MBT's Light Board

Take A Peek Behind the Curtain with a tour of MBT's Light Board with Facilities and Operations Director, Jim Zoehrer. Learn why lighting is important, how the board is used, and the history of how the lights worked when MBT first opened in 1927!

Climb the MBT Tower

Take A Peek Behind the Curtain tour of MBT's Tower! Get some fresh air as you climb to the very top of the tower, learn the history of the searchlight and lobby interior, discover the dark and mysterious room that sits 110 feet above the Theatre, and enjoy some Bellingham views.

Learn About MBT's Fly System

Take A Peek Behind the Curtain with a tour of MBT's Fly System with Facilities and Operations Director, Jim Zoehrer. Learn how to raise the MBT curtain, the technical terms that make the magic happen, some history behind the technology, and much, much more!

Explore MBT's Chandelier and Dome

Take a tour of MBT's chandelier, ornate dome, and the Mother Brain that holds it all together with Wren of the Good Time Girls Historical Walking Tours above! Learn some history about the master plasterers who worked on the dome, how long it takes to bring the chandelier down for a cleaning, and much, much more!

The Ghost Panther of Mount Baker Theatre

Take a Ghost Tour through Mount Baker Theatre with Wren of the Good Time Girls Historical Walking Tours. Learn some history on the types of performances found at Mount Baker Theatre throughout the years and maybe . . . just maybe . . . be spooked by the Ghost Panther of Mount Baker Theatre!

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Whatcom Arts Project

Staying Together While Apart Your Online Hub for the Arts

Mount Baker Theatre is proud to be one of the leaders inspiring the launch of Whatcom Arts Project, a community of arts nonprofits, venues, and organizations collaborating to provide you with virtual arts experiences!

Through Whatcom Arts Project, we hope to inform, entertain, educate, and support our community and each other through this stay-at-home period and beyond. Expect free performances, interactive tours, classes, narratives, and other arts experiences you can access anytime from anywhere.

Join us by following along on our unfolding journey, and by Liking, Sharing, and Commenting on the Whatcom Arts Project Facebook.

Check out MBT's contributions to the Project above!