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Bill Charles was a dedicated and long-time volunteer who passed away January 18th. There will be a memorial service March 29th 2:00pm Greenacre’s Cemetery.


Bill was quite a man and quite a volunteer. I'll always admire his dedication, positive attitude, and willingness to quietly solve problems and fix things. He was so passionate about the Mount Baker Theatre's Organ. He spent countless hours working away on stage and up in the organ bays making sure the organ would work whenever we needed it. He regularly came down to the theatre to make sure the organ was good to go when we had tours or performances. He was always in a great mood and eager to share the organ with anyone who was interested.


A few years ago Bill spent most of the summer digitizing the console. That may not sound like much, but it required a deep knowledge of the electronic wiring of the organ and it also took hundreds of hours climbing up and down ladders on the stage wings to meticulously track, label, and re-rout how each of the hundreds of individual pipe air gates would receive signals. Much of this work had to be done in the cramped and dusty confines of the organ bays above the stage where all the various organ pipes reside. There aren't many people who know how to do this kind of work and even fewer willing to put out the effort make it possible. But Bill did it eagerly, willingly, and was always so positive and enthusiastic while he worked. Now, the results of his work will allow the organ to be more fully utilized. It will also allow us to accommodate larger ensembles in the orchestra pit and will help preserve the console and the organ for many years to come.


I'll always remember Bill as one of the most dedicated and effective volunteers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He will be sorely missed and impossible to replace, but I'm proud to have known him and I appreciate how much he has done to keep the Mount Baker Theatre organ ready for future generations to enjoy.

Brad Burdick

Executive Director

Mount Baker Theatre

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