The Wade Bennett King Education Series

Mount Baker Theatre is pleased to announce the return of our LIVE in-person Education Series. Join us for this season’s lineup of exciting and enriching programming, which is sure to inspire and delight your students!

Visiting the historic Mount Baker Theatre allows students an immersive journey into the wonderful world of the performing arts. It provides an alternative lens through which students can explore different subjects, cultures, and points of view in a safe and memorable environment. When children step outside their daily routines and into the world of the arts, they experience new sights, sounds, and ideas prompting learning and creativity beyond their horizons.

The Wade Bennett King Education Series offers students, teachers, and homeschool classrooms connections to the state required curriculum in many subjects, including language arts, social studies, science, history, and technology.

For 17 years, the series has been sponsored by the Frank King Family in memory of their son Wade, who loved the theatre. They are pleased to provide opportunities for other young people to be inspired by the performing arts.

Because cost simply should not be a factor in arts access for students, an Educational Series scholarship fund was created in 2016 to ensure these enriching experiences are available to as many children as possible. Donations to date have allowed an average of 2,000 students, teachers, and chaperones to experience the Wade Bennett King education series through scholarships each academic year! Title 1 schools are encouraged to apply. Apply today.

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