Wilco - Ode to Joy Tour

with Young Fresh Fellows 

Sunday | October 10, 2021 | 7:30PM

Please Note:  
- There is a 6-ticket per customer limit for this event.
- Out-of-state orders must be held at Will Call and picked up by the original purchaser using photo ID. (No exceptions.)
- All orders will be held for approximately two weeks before being sent. An order confirmation will be emailed at the time of purchase. Orders that do not conform to the above restrictions (and those placed by known resellers) will be canceled.

The Chicago sextet continues to be regarded as a live powerhouse, as described by NPR “To see Wilco on stage is to hear the best of the best.”

Throughout the past two-plus decades Wilco has won multiple Grammy Awards, released 11 studio albums, and founded their own record label (dBpm Records) and festival (Solid Sound). This year saw them curating Sky Blue Sky, a destination concert experience in Mexico, for the first time.

Wilco returns with Ode to Joy, which comes three-plus years after the release of the “world-weary, wheezy – and wonderfully warm” (The Guardian) Schmilco, and encourages the act of finding joy in a dark political climate. The album presents a unique rhythm track and a minimalist instrumentation, with lyrics at once observant, hopeful, morbid, tolerant, and abstract. “Love is Everywhere (Beware),” the album’s extrospective lead single, is an upbeat, guitar-driven track that explores the dual joy and threat of a community focused on love.

The Young Fresh Fellows released their first album The Fabulous Sounds Of The Pacific Northwest in 1984. There have been many more, including last year’s stillborn Toxic Youth on Yep Roc Records.  The underachieving but stalwart quartet remains Kurt Bloch, Tad Hutchison, Jim Sangster, and Scott McCaughey, and is still generally recognized as the most famous band from Seattle.

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