The Mark of Zorro

Silent Film with Live Score featuring Dennis James

Sunday | August 8, 2021 | 3:00PM

Starting August 8, live events are back in full swing at Mount Baker Theatre!
We're kicking things off much like we did when we first opened our doors 94 years ago - with a classic silent film brought to life through MBT's mighty Wurlitzer organ.

Master organist Dennis James is back for a swashbuckling good time on Mount Baker Theatre's historic Wurlitzer organ with The Mark of Zorro! The music surrounds you as MBT’s original 1927 organ creates a soundtrack through the very walls of the Theatre. Often regarded as the grandfather of the action hero genre, The Mark of Zorro premiered to record breaking audiences in 1920 and has been adored by audiences ever since. Starring the incomparable Douglas Fairbanks, Zorro has something for everyone: action, adventure, romance, and musical stylings that bring history to life exactly as this movie was meant to be seen.

Quote symbolHe is without doubt the greatest practitioner of the art of solo silent film accompaniment. To witness a contemporary audience experience the beauty and power of silent film through the overwhelming symphonic dynamism that Dennis James unleashes with unerring skill on the theatre organ is an absolute revelation.”
—Stephen Salmons, founder of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival

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Production Genre: Silent Film, Organ


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