Robin Hood (1922): Silent Film with Live Score by Dennis James

Saturday | April 15, 2023 | 7:00PM


Join Mount Baker Theatre’s resident organist and historic preservationist Dennis James as he hosts a rare showing of the original silent film version of Robin Hood.


Don’t miss Allan Dwan’s epic production of the classic tale, starring Douglas Fairbanks as the legendary hero. Cheer on the original action hero as he shirks off his noble demeanor and is transfigured into Robin Hood, champion of the oppressed! Dennis James’ masterful live score will captivate as the film’s hero answers Lady Marian’s call to action and stops King Richard’s conniving brother Prince John from turning the empire into a quagmire of corruption.

Quote symbolSilent films are a rare and precious art form of tremendous historical importance. The art of live musical accompaniment to a silent film is a discipline of equally important historical value. Dennis James is a musician of tremendous artistic scope and range and a scholar who strives to preserve and restore this unique 20th-century musical practice.”
—Stephen Salmons, founder of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival

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Production Genre: Silent Films, movies, music


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