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Countdown to Curtain

Together we can prepare MBT for a grand reopening, starring your health and safety.

When it comes to COVID-19, Mount Baker Theatre is regularly reassessing future plans based on the most reliable information available, but one thing is certain: MBT will need additional funds to reopen when the time comes, and now is the perfect time to start our Countdown to Curtain together.

Together we can prepare for a grand reopening, starring your health and safety. You can support MBT’s Countdown to Curtain with a donation today!


Donate online or mail in your tax-deductible donation to the MBT Box Office (Attn: Countdown to Curtain fund | 104 N. Commercial Street | Bellingham, WA 98225).

Why do we need a Countdown to Curtain? MBT has successfully maximized its resources and reduced staff and expenses to manage at minimal operations during the mandatory COVID-19 shutdown. However, once restrictions are lifted, the Theatre estimates an additional $225,000 in start-up expenses will be needed beyond its current capacity, including creating a comprehensive strategic plan to ensure health and safety, training staff and volunteers on new policy and procedures, acquiring new cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE), and preparing the building.

We’re more than halfway to goal! MBT’s Countdown to Curtain was inspired by a dedicated group of arts advocates—special thanks to Saturna Capital, George Mills, Susan Reece, Jane Verner, and Lesley Cooke and Jim Zoehrer who donated the initial $126,000 for this campaign. Now you can join these leaders and the other contributing businesses and individuals (listed below) in raising the remaining $42,770 needed to raise the curtain once again!  

Every gift helps MBT get one step closer to reopening its doors safely and successfully by:

  • Generating new policies and procedures for your health and safety
  • Purchasing new sanitizing equipment and supplies
  • Purchasing new protective gear and equipment—such as sneeze guards and PPE—to keep volunteers, staff, patrons, and performers healthy
  • Rehiring and retraining staff and volunteers in new policies and procedures
  • Employing staff in advance of event dates, in order to
    • schedule events
    • advertise
    • sell tickets
    • secure sponsors
    • restock inventory
    • inform patrons about our new policies, procedures, and expectations
    • prepare the building for welcoming you into the beautiful historic Mount Baker Theatre once again!

Together we can get MBT ready for a grand reopening, starring your health and safety.

Donate online or mail in your tax-deductible donation to the MBT Box Office (Attn: Countdown to Curtain fund | 104 N. Commercial Street | Bellingham, WA 98225).
Your Countdown to Curtain donation is tax deductible to the greatest extent allowable by law. Mount Baker Theatre is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. (Tax ID #91-1208766)

Thank You to Our Donors!

Anonymous (4)
Margaret Abbott
Jaemi Allen
Erin Auld
Paul Assink
Bank of the Pacific
Susan Berendsen
Jenny Brice
Katherine Butcher
Shelly Button
Ashley Dalton
Dr. Derek & Brandi Damon
Barron Smith Daugert
Tamara Dobson
Wendy Bell
Tony & Tina Bon
Kim Bryson-Chamley
Jim Zoehrer & Lesley Cooke
William Davis
The DeVaux Family
DIS Corporation
David & Pat Dandurand
Melinda Echols
Helen & Gene Egan
Krista Eytchison
Financial Plan, Inc.
Donny Finkbonner
Melissa Franck
Alysia Fyock
Kyra Geleynse
Deborah Gilbert
Liza Gossett
Brett & Kathleen Greene
Robert Heggem
Andrea Hemley
The Johansen Family
Karen Morgan Physical Therapy
Pat & Ed Kingshott
Anna Kirby
Karen & Karl Klokkevold
Judd & Black Appliance
Karen & Karl Klokkevold
Nancy Knechtel
Daniel & Pandora Larner
Life Aesthetic Center
Jennifer Long
Rick Lowell
Sharon Maupin
Linda McClain
Maria McDowell
Susie McLeod
Ashley Meadows
Gina Miller
Diana Mills
George Mills
Karen Mullen
Lois & Bob Nicholl
Gary Nichols
Wendy Nichols
David O'Connor
Grace Olin
Amy Parsons
Chris & Becky Patton
Brenda Pletcher
Raymond Pomerinke
John & Lynda Purdie
Saturna Capital
Susan Reece
Roosmiwati Reynolds
Jennifer & Mike Rommel
Laurie Russell
Craig Scamehorn
Lesley Schroeder
Greg & Mechelle Sieg
Chris & Heather Stockard
Marilyn Stoops
Travis Rohrer
U.S. Bank
Marinus & Anne Van de Kamp

Jane Verner
Marti Vineyard
Shirley A. Walker
Chuck and Elsie W
Leah Wang
Wilson Engineering
Jennifer & Victor Winson
Yorky's Market
Shirley Zimmerman

We miss seeing you at the Theatre!

Along with planning ahead for a successful reopening that prioritizes your health and safety, the small staff still working at MBT continues to enrich your world during this unplanned intermission. Though our doors are closed temporarily, you can still enjoy online arts experiences, Peek Behind the Curtain video tours, and reports on Continuing the Legacy capital projects from MBT by signing up for weekly emails or following along on Facebook!


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