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Join Us As a Volunteer

As a not-for-profit organization, Mount Baker Theatre depends on its volunteers to make everything we do possible.  MBT has a large group of volunteers that we call STARS.  If you're looking to network we've got over 200 new friends for you to meet and many fun key roles you can play in our operations.

Getting started is easy, just fill out the Volunteer Application and we will notify you of the next volunteer orientation. These meetings generally last a little more than one hour and are required before participation can begin. We are always looking for eager members of the community who have an interest in the arts and who want to become a part of the Mount Baker Theatre volunteer STARS program.

For more information about becoming a Mount Baker Theatre volunteer contact Volunteer Coordinator, Cindi Pree by email or at (360) 733-5793.

For those seeking to volunteer at the Theatre a variety of opportunities are available. Anyone, age 16 or older is welcome to participate in our volunteer program.

Frequent assistance is needed in:

Ushering – Help patrons at performances with seating, coat check, ticket taking, and other pre- and post-show duties (additional training required).

Less frequent assistance is needed in these areas:

Photography & Video – Occasional photography of non-performance theatre events
Reception (Front Desk) – Answer multi-line phone, greet visitors to office, occasionally assist staff with various office projects (Requires commitment to work at least 2 hours on the same day each week)
Theatre Tours – Lead tours of theatre as requested by public or for special events
Writing – Write articles requested by staff for publication in Spotlight playbill magazine and newsletters

Mount Baker Theatre “Stars” Volunteers

The work we do is also made possible thanks to our more than 200 volunteers in the MBT Stars volunteer program who donate an average of 12,000 hours per year, or the equivalent of 6 full-time employees. Thank you!
Diamond Level Volunteers
2000+ and 5+ years
Gary Blanken
Sandra Bogen
Nancy Bonnickson
Carol Even
Betty Kerstein
Pat Kingshott
Barbara Klein
Laurie Kritz
Harriet Ludjin
Lynda Moore
Maureen Scott
Beth Seils
Shirley Walker
Evelyn Wilkinson
David Witmer
Sue Witmer
Gold Level Volunteers
1500+ hours
Ann Blanken
Bonnie Hurtig
Brenda Rye

Silver Level Volunteers
1000-1499 hours
Pam Brink
Charlotte Gazak
Ron Hentz
Joyce Morris
Cecilia (Lia) Prela
Evelyn Turner

Bronze Level Volunteers
500-999 hours
Teri Carter
Bill Carter
Terry Clark
Cynthia Geri
Donna Holmes
Leila Humphrey
Russell Kuelz
Amy Landino
Steve Larsen
Gail Livingston
Larry Lober
Lynn Logan
Elizabeth Longwell
Pat Lund
Richard Marcus
Tam McDonald
Shauna McGuinn
John Neighbor
Joan O'Neill
Leslie Raper
Jane Ringe
Margie Sawyer
Marilyn Scheer
Katherine Stewart
Frank Tranter
Nancy Vogee
Sarah Wood
Shining Stars
Up to 499 hours
Dave Ahrenholz
Willie Ahrenholz
Elizabeth Allen
Dawn Anderson
Suki Aufhauser
Meg Bader-Hoopmann
Susie Barry
Paige Bartholmey
Frank W. Belzek
Margaret Belzek
Kelly Berg
Jane Blume
Jan Bonzon
Marie-Lise Bouscaren
Debbie Brosten
Christine Brown
Janet Burke
Linda Burns
Shirley Burns
Yolanda Calderon
Desiree Calderon-Smith
Nathan Campbell
Catherine Carey
Terrell Carter
Ken Christiansen
Sue Ciao
Linda Crawford
Cathi Cullop
Katy Cykler
Pat Draper
David Drobnicki
Lucy Ericson
Suzie Fischer
Gaye Fullner
Gail Gallant
Erik Gelhar
Penny Goodman
Claudia Grandy
Kelly Ha
Rex Hall
Mary Hancock
Jane Hanlon
Debi Hanuscin
Kathy Harrigan
Cookie Heck
Sky Hedman
Lynne Henderson
Jerry Hop
Faye Hop
Thomas Hotchkiss
Dani Howell
Suzanne Howey
Barbara Hudson
Eileen Hughes
Norma Hutmacher
Joyce Jimerson
Randall Jimerson
Becky Johns
Don Johnson
Bob Kandiko
Heather Katahdin
Thane Keith
Melissa Keith
Agatha Kelley
Susan Kendall
Kelly Kendall
Cam Kerst
Joe King
Renee King
Patrick Kirby
Lynne Kirk
Johanna Krouzian
Ali Laninga
Herman Laninga
Martha Lazich
Gloria Lebowitz
Bill Liddicoet
Scott Logan
Susann London
Renee Lowry
Gina Lynch
Dave Maloney
Dieter Martin
Dave May
Terrie May
Katharine McBain
Becky McCarthy
Thomas McDade
Frank McDonald
Rochelle McDonald
Sue McDonald
Kelsey McLane
Cameron Meyer
Robin Meyer
Wilbert Miller
Marjie Miller
Maureen Monroe
Deeny Montgomery
Barbara Morgan
Dave Morrow
Kristi Morrow
Meredith Ann Murray
Jack Myreng Jr.
Karen Neubauer
Julie Nicholl
Pamela Nixon
Tammy Packard
Don Pearson
Sandra Peterson
Lynne Pharis
Jeff Pike
Alison Pollock
Linda Portscheller
Amy Puderbaugh
Hope Reedy
Dave Rehm
Marty Rehm
Kate Riordan
Saoirse Robinson
Carol Robinson
Margaret Santamaria
Carol Shore
Naomi Siegel
Stacy Sjolund
Ray Smith
Pommie Soroka
Marybeth Spector
Amy Struppa
Ann Suloway
Renee Szenasi
Georie Taylor
Sue Toy
Allyson Tracy
Mary Tully
Sue Tuxill
Donna Vandergriend
Patty VanDyke
Geoff Vogel
Jim Wagner
Tim Walker
Cat Wallace
Chris Wassan
Heidi Wassan
Mike Watson
David Weisenhorn
Mary Welch
Brett Whitney
Terri Wilde
Dionne Williams
Lee Willis
Jennifer Winson
Cathy Witney
Amy Woodfin
Kendra Yale
Ted Yanco
Gloria Young
Shirley Zimmerman

Updated 6/26/2019

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